Montana Mountain



Winter Fun

As much as Yukoners love their summers, they eagerly await the arrival of snow and their favorite winter pursuits. Take a break from your usual winter routine and come explore Montana Mountain for the day.

The trail network on Montana Mountain is ideal for cross-country or backcountry ski touring in winter. Ascending singletrack trails is fairly straightforward, but descending on singletrack is recommended for very confident skiers only! Less experienced skiers may prefer to ascend on singletrack and descend via the quad or main roads.

Recommended trails: Sam McGee’s Road, Porcupine, Beaver, Caribou, Nares View

Backcountry skiing on the lower slopes and shoulders of Montana and Brute mountains can be excellent in late winter/early spring. Conditions are more sporadic from November – March, with high winds being the limiting factor.

The Montana Mountain trail network offers a variety of snowshoeing adventures. Park at the main parking lot and take any number of routes up into the alpine.

Recommended trails: Sam McGee’s Road, Porcupine, Beaver, Caribou, Nares View, Wolf

Snowmobiles are one of the best ways to explore the mining roads and alpine slopes of Montana Mountain in the winter. Be prepared for high winds in the alpine and please - stay off the trails.

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